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Do you believe in love?

  Someone tells you, “I love you. You mean the world to me!” How do you know that this is the truth? Why do couples say they love each other and yet that relationship fails?

Is there any way to tell how truthful that special someone is when he or she tells you, “I love you”?

To find true lasting love, the type that will flourish and bring you joy and happiness for the rest of your life, you need to follow three simple steps:

Step One: When your Significant Other is talking with you, listen for KEY WORDS that indicate whether he or she is the one for you.    

Step Two: You must be assured that the two of you are made for each other.

Step Three:  No love relationship can offer you everything that both of you want.  Once you have the key words and the assurance that this is ‘the one’, all you have to do is add what is missing and the love relationship will become complete!

That is how a successful relationship is attained. If you learn these easy and simple steps, I can promise you that you will become so secure and happy in love that your love life will be the envy of your friends and neighbours. I have taught this powerful counseling technique to many men, women, engaged  as well as married couples with amazing results.  How was this technique developed?  Learn more by going here.

What Do You Have To Do To Have This True Love Success?

I will teach  you the KEY WORDS to listen for, how to be assured that the person telling you, “I Love you” is the real deal, and  what to add to the love relationship or marriage so that it becomes 100% complete and makes you happy.

You can find this information and much more in my book, Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships:Nine Steps to a Deeper, Richer Love Relationship 365 pages of the most powerful relationship advice you will ever lay your hands on. I have taught these secret methods to many people with amazing results. If you need more help, I  offer personal counseling by phone.   

 About This Blog

Relationship Advice for Success by Ernest Quansah is a One Stop relationship advice blog using a holistic approach to empower single men and women — including single parents —  to find their life partner.    Already engaged?  Already married?  Ernest’s advice will strengthen and enhance your relationship! The Relationship Success Blog helps singles as well as couples of all cultures and races with relevant advice to help them achieve the love life that they have always wanted.

Relationship Advice For Success by Ernest provides victims of toxic relationships and break-ups with the tools to create a healthy relationship.  Learn how to use personalized match system to find your significant other. When it comes to love relationships, we have something for everyone.

 Relationship Advice for Success features weekly tips on how to enhance  your love life.

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Weekly Relationship Advice Topics



Dating tips

how to find the best dates

dating etiquette

how to win the dating game

how not to complement your date

tips on getting a second date, etc


Strengthening your relationship

resolving conflicts

understanding the break-up process

understanding the sexes

what men and women want

and more!

Interracial Relationships

Interracial relationship tips

understanding cultures

how to get the best out of interracial relationships

dos and don’ts of interracial relationships

and more!

Soul Mate Relationship

How to identify your soul mate

what is a soul mate

what make two people soul mates

and more!


How to strengthen your marriage

divorce proof your marriage

creating a balanced and stress free marriage

remarks that promote a healthy marriage

how to develop a marriage success plan

and more!


The one thing every husband or wife must know

how to protect against divorce

planning an exit strategy before divorce occurs

going back to dating after divorce

and more!


When love is not enough

when not to fall in love with the wrong person

understanding love

the right approach to finding your true love

and more!

Toxic Relationships

How to avoid toxic relationships

how to heal from toxic relationships

understanding toxic relationships

understanding the mindset of controllers and how to defeat them

and much more!


These are just some of the weekly topics we will discuss.

For quick access to the above topics, we have included ALL of them and more in our book, now on sale…



With your purchase of our book, Relationship Advice for Success, Ernest will include Free Coaching or relationship advice at no charge.


In addition, any purchase of our book comes with a free eBook titled Relationship Success Workbook with answer sheet. It is yours FREE. Take advantage of this great time limited offer by going to Dos’ & Don’ts of Relationships.


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