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  Technique # 1: How To Work It - The first technique is to get noticed. You cannot get any traction without first getting noticed!  You get noticed by working it. The secret is to work with what you have. This technique is so powerful that it works every time regardless of who you are, famous or unknown. For example, how often do you hear about unknown people who have come out of nowhere and by accentuating their figure, lips, curves, or looks  they nailed the men or women they wanted?  Get what you want by using the most potent psychological tool in your arsenal. What is that? Do you have an amazing personality? Are you blessed with deadly curves or yummy full lips?  Do you have the ability to make others  feel cared about or loved?   Work it by accentuating what you are blessed with and it will attract the right people to you.  And if someone wants you because of you hot lips, curves, etc. you can psychologically dominate that person. This is some powerful stuff, people. So Remember! Get What You Want by Working with what YOU are blessed with.

Technique # 2 – How to Get Her

KGMeet a Need- No matter how beautiful or stunning the woman looks and how less attractive or financially strained you feel, you can get her. Most women have some pressing need and so does the woman you want. The secret to winning the prize is to do something for her that will make her willingly offer you what you want from her. I STRONGLY recommend that you meet her need and she is all yours.  What I have disclosed to you is one of the most powerful psychological mind control techniques known to consistently work on any woman, even when you have not considered dating her.

 Here are Three examples. I have a philosophy that, each year I give back by doing something significant for someone, male or female.

1.      korean-girlThe Korean Woman: I once met a Korean woman who had been in Canada for 4 weeks. She told me that she was running out of money and MUST find work. To make a long story short, I gave her a list of names of restaurants and hotels to contact. Two weeks later she called to tell me that she had found part-time work and continued, “Thank you, Ernest; you don’t even know me and you helped me. I want to give you something.  What do you want?”

2.   taiwanese-girl   The Taiwanese woman: Another time, a group of ladies of the same race ganged up on a pregnant Taiwanese woman demanding that she work faster. While they accosted her, I interrupted and in a firm tone  said, “Enough is enough, people. She is pregnant. How would you feel if you were 6 months pregnant and someone treated you like that? I turned to the pregnant woman and said, “Take your time to do your work. Don’t rush” Later that evening, the pregnant woman’s best friend, who was present when I stood up for her, came to me, gave me a hug  and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank for standing up for her.  On my day off, I want to take you to dinner”.

3.   Linda   The White woman: Marie is so beautiful, about 5 feet 6 inches tall and athletically built. In this case, I met her at a drug store where she worked on commission. When I left the drug store, I could not get her out of my mind. Two weeks later, I called the drug store and asked her her name.  I asked if she believed in friendship. She said sometimes. I asked for her email address. At the first email I sent her, she responded by telling me that men and women can’t be friends and that she already knew I was the typical male trying to bed her.  I learned that she was a single mother struggling financially.  I was visiting and noticed that for dinner, she fed her 8 year old son a few pieces of steamed broccoli and 2 strips of bacon. My heart sank. So sad. I began to make lunch in the evening and delivered it to them so that the son would have a decent lunch at school. One evening I had a strong inclination to give her money. I went to the bank, withdraw enough funds and drove to her apartment to surprise her. When she opened the enveloped and saw the money, she gave me big hug and asked me how I knew she needed help.  I told her, “Something prompted me to do it”. That weekend, she called to say that her son wanted to watch cartoon DVD’s and asked if they could come watch them at  my home. Thirty minutes into the DVD, she asked if I could show her to the washroom, which is located across from my bedroom. She put her hand on my shoulders, redirected me to my bedroom and nudged me onto my bed.  I rolled out from under her and went to the living room where she would behave herself.

These are just three examples. You can see that in all the situations, there was an opportunity to meet a need.  And the more pressing the need that I met, the stronger was the psychological effect, leading to FAST Results.

Are you beginning to understand how meeting a need psychologically arouses deep emotional feeling that cause the woman to offer herself to you without resistance or hesitation ? 

There is Absolutely NO Dating, Romance, or Love System Out There That Can Match What I am Revealing to You.

How do you know a woman’s needs?  There are 2 simple steps

1.      When you are talking with her, listen for clues.

2.      If she does not give you clues, you have to elicit them from her.

What types of pressing needs can you meet that she cannot help but reward you for? Find them in Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships. GO HERE

 How To Find Love

Technique # 3: How to Get Him

AliGo inside his head:If you are a woman and have a mouth, you can do this. To go deep inside a man’s head, use a high level technique often used by philosophers and think tanks called ‘quizzing’.  Here is how I used it in one situation to help clients. Efa, an absolutely stunning Togolese woman told me that men are terrible and that she would never date again.

After inquiring, I asked two simple questions.

1.      What do you think makes you feel this way?  After her answer, I asked

2.      What do you think you need to do to find the right man? She replied, “Give men a chance? 

At that very moment, she smiled. Two weeks later when I called to check up on her, Efa was at a music festival with her date. This is an example of how powerful and effective quizzing is. If you  go inside his head, you can control him and make him do what you want.

Wanna go inside his head? Quiz him. To learn more on proper quizzing techniques, GO HERE

Technique # 4 – Interracial Dating Method

 Here are a few tips to help you

Japanese Culture:When you drop off a Japanese woman after a date, drive off. Don’t wait. In their culture, the woman waits for the man to drive off before she goes into her home. If you wait in your car, she will also wait.

Chinese Culture:If you are meeting the woman at a decided upon location and she is late on the first date, even up to 45 minutes, the man must wait and must not complain once she arrives.  The women expect it. That is how simple it is to win her over on the first date.

Persians: Persian women are considered to be some of the most educated women available. Before asking her for a date, put your thinking cap on.  She will pick your brain. If you keep up with her, she will make herself all yours.

TIP: It is much faster to swim with the current than to swim against it. 

Techniques # 5 – Seize Dating Opportunities.  If you learn this technique properly, your dating, romantic and love life will be set for life. Here is how you do it.  You are out walking. You see a beautiful woman or gorgeous man approaching you. Next to the person is the cutest dog. Your eyes meet. You say hello. A brief conversation ensues. You tell the person that you are going out for a meal and ask if he or she knows of any good restaurant in the area. The person points one out to you. You thank the person and leave. Do you see how you just dropped the ball on this one? You just blew your chance big time.

How Do You Seize Dating Opportunities?  If I found myself in that position, after she had pointed out the restaurant out to me, I would say something like:

“Thank you so much for recommending it. The food must be good. Say, I don’t enjoy eating alone.  How would you like to join me? It is my treat.  Let’s take the dog.”

Do you see how I did it? 

1.      By saying, “I don’t enjoy eating alone,” I reveal a weakness and make myself vulnerable to her. Showing a weakness makes her not feel threatened by my invitation. Remember, we just met minutes ago.   

2.      By following up my invitation with, “It is my treat. Let’s take the dog,” I have quickly gone from vulnerable to taking charge.

TIP:  When you invite a woman to dinner, take charge and even go as far as to suggest a nice dish and order it for her to see her face glow with beauty before your eyes. May I add that she might even place herself in your hands from that point on. IMAGINE how much power that gives you over her in a situation like that.

3.      Most importantly, by saying that it is my treat, the person does not have to worry about spending.

4.      By saying that we should take the dog with us, I have done several things. For example…….

ü  I show that I care about her dog

ü  Dog owners love their dogs. By including the dog, I am psychologically causing her to comply with my invitation

That is how you seize the opportunity.  But that is just one example of dating opportunities. There are much better ones. Want to learn more? GO HERE

Question? What if the person is in a rush?  Glad you asked. I would exchange phone numbers and email address then make an attempt to arrange a day we can meet and tell the person, “I will make it worth your while.” If you were invited to dinner and the person will make it worth your while, wouldn’t that give you a reason or make you curious enough to accept?

NOTE: Always get the contact information before making the arrangement. If you do it the other way and it fails, the person may change his or her mind and not give you the contact information. It is the way the human mind works sometimes

Do You See The Power of Psychological Mind Control at Work Here?  Can You Begin to Get a Clear Idea of What My Techniques Will Do For You?


ClaireTechnique # 6: Single Parent Dating- Many people over the age of thirty five are either divorced or single parents.The easiest and quickest way to get a single parent on a date is by knowing his or her little one or ones.   This is even more true for women.  On the first date, ask that he or she bring the child. This will give the child a chance to see how you treat his/her mom or dad. Children are pure. Once the child sees the good in you, the child will be comfortable with you. Single parents, particularly women, actively watch to see how their child interacts with the man.

For example, I lived in a country in the Eastern continent. A few houses down lived an exotic looking single woman whose child cried a lot. I got to greet her on several occasions. One time I stopped to talk with her. I asked her if I could hold the crying baby. I put the child on my shoulder and patted her gently on her back and the crying stopped. I started playing with her by lifting her high above my head and bringing her down. I made kissing sounds  at her. I did this repeatedly and the child smiled. When I stopped, she raised her arms signaling me that she wanted  more. The child’s mother put her hand on my shoulder, asking me how I managed to get her baby to stop crying. She then told me, “I have something important I will give to you. What would you like?” .

Give your attention to the child and the mom or dad is all yours.

On the second date, that is when you suggest a baby sitter; someone he or she knows and even go as far as to offer to pay the sitter.  I don’t see how you wouldn’t win the person over immediately. We are talking about going inside the person’s mind to re-arrange his or her thinking so that you dictate what comes next.

giftTechnique # 7: Use A Reward System This is about understanding how the human mind works. To draw someone to you and have the person become devoted to you, use what scientists refer to as a “Reward System.” For example, If a dog or monkey knows that by doing what it is asked that it will be rewarded in the form of snack, it will respond each time.

 The human brain works in the same way. People reward themselves by eating sweets, buying themselves gifts, etc. because it gives them good feelings.

When someone agrees to a date, it is the feeling -THE REWARD – the person imagines he or she will get by doing what you ask that causes the person to agree to the invitation. Remember to use a reward system

GET HIM or HER to SAY “I DO”:   Breaking Down The Wall of Resistance –If marriage is what you want as the ultimate goal, is much easier to get what you want by meeting a need than by trying to sell the person what he or she is not looking for, YET. Here is an example. You want to marry. You have met a woman or man and through conversation, the person tells you, “Every man and woman needs a companion”

The person is hinting to you that she wants a companion not marriage –even though most adult women go into a relationship hoping that it will turn into marriage. And most men put up a wall of resistance when the topic of marriage comes up in a relationship. If you try to push your needs, in that person’s mind, you are trying to make him or her do something he or she does not want to do, particularly men. What do you think will happen? The will put up a wall of resistance.

Work from the inside by giving the person that companionship. Once in the companionship relationship, when he or she begins to see that you are meeting his or her needs as to what that person wants in marriage, the person will come around. That is how you do it.


HOW TO HOOK EM:Use this technique if you want a long term love relationship or marriage. Fortify your chances of success by hooking the person with an incentive. For example, if you tell a woman, ”I can make you the happiest woman in the world,” which is what most women say they want in a love relationship, or “I will be a good woman for you,” you have hooked the person with an incentive. The incentive is how good the companion will have it if he or she marries you.   

Remember these THREE potent psychological techniques:

1.      Meet the person’s or the love interest’s NEED

2.       Use the REWARD SYSTEM

3.      HOCK the person by offering a POWERFUL INCENTIVE and the person is YOURS FOREVER

Can You See How I Can Help You Make Your Dreams Come True? You Know Someone You WANT TO MARRY AND MAKE IT FLOURISH?

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