How To Find True Love Not Toxic Relationships!

Professional Relationship Counselor and Researcher With More Than 20 Years’ Experience Shows You How to Find True Love, Avoid or Heal From Toxic Relationship


Attaining true love, dating the right person and even avoiding and/or healing from a toxic relationship depends on making the Correct Decisions, none of which is difficult to make. 

Below are a few examples of some of the areas we are able to assist you with

How to find true Love. In what way has not finding TRUE LOVE affected you socially, mentally, and emotionally?  We can help you learn how to find true love with a 98 % chance of success.

Toxic relationships:  Many victims of toxic relationships justify, or even defend the abuser by blaming themselves for being abused. Some victims end up in a vicious cycle by returning to the toxic relationship after a break-up or separation. This could go on until the life of the victim is threatened before the victims leaves. When the victim does leave, without proper healing, the victim may have periodic recollections of the toxic relationship.

Almost all victims end up ruining one love relationship after another.

Avoiding or Healing From Toxic Relationships: We can help you learn the RED FLAGS, so that you can avoid toxic relationships. If you are already in a toxic relationship and need help, we can help you learn how the mind of the abuser works, what the triggers are and what to do to stop the toxic relationship.

Additionally, we can also assist you in healing from a Toxic Relationship, learn how to trust and safely fall in love again.

Relationship Advice:  Attaining the love relationship or marriage that your heart desires REQUIRES that you make the correct decisions. We can help you learn how to make the correct decisions that will bring about the results that you want. We can also assist you in learning how to strengthen your existing relationship or marriage.

Dating Advice: One of the most pressing concerns he hear about for many people, particularly women, is that if they do what their dates want by being sexually intimate, after which their date still leaves and, that makes them feel like there is something wrong with them. We know how to help you find the right date (male or female) that will not leave.  Please see our dating advice pages on the top navigation bar.

Dating Online Advice: More and more people are trying online dating.  It provides a convenient way for busy singles to meet like minded singles. Each year, 12% out of all marriages are the result of the couples’ meeting online. The success rate is only 5%.  It is not uncommon to hear people, particularly women, discuss horror stories and experiences about online dating on the radio or in the media.  We can help you learn how to find true love online safely.

That Is Not All We Do

Relationship Advice for Success Offers a Better Way to Learn:

  • The reason why men “cheap-out” in a love relationship and how to avoid that
  • Why women “cheap-out” and how to easily prevent that from happening
  • How to strengthen your  Love relationship and marriage
  • What women say they want from a relationship and marriage
  • How to look for signs of a toxic relationship and nip it in the bud
  • Understand and heal from psychological abuse
  • How to avoid or heal from Toxic and Abusive Relationship
  • What men say they want from women they are in love relationship with
  • What women say they want from the men they are in relationship with
  • How to Dramatically Improve Your chances of success with online dating
  • How to Find Your Soul mate
  • How to be successful at dating single parents… and more!

Now Is The Right Time To Attain True Love and Happiness

You Can Have Solutions to Every Problem We Have Mentioned Above…

But You Must Act. Your Love Life will not improve unless you do something about it by TAKING ACTION TODAY! RIGHT NOW!

We are here to assist you in learning the skills necessary to dramatically improve your love life and transform it into what you want it to be.

All the problems we have identified above and the solutions can be found in our book Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships:  9 Steps to a Richer Love Relationship (2nd Edition) refer to as Ground Breaking.

How Much Does it Cost? A one hour visit to psychologist to heal from a toxic relationship costs between $75 and $125 multiplied by 12 visits and the success rate is only 25%. Online dating membership fees cost $35 per month.

We can help you attain the love life you’ve always imagined, date the right people that will not dump you after sex, avoid and even heal from toxic relationships with a 98% chance of success… all for as little as what it costs to buy a daily cup of coffee for 2 weeks.


Soulmate-book-coverBonus # 1: Buy our book and receive “How to Develop Personalized Match System” $99 Value a FREE

Match system imageBonus # 2: You will also receive a second eBook titled “How To Identify Your Soulmate” A Comprehensive Manual on Finding Your Soulmate a $29.95 Value and is FREE

Spend Less Get More.  Add the fabulous bonuses plus the cost of an online dating membership, a visit to psychologist and you will begin to see the savings and the benefits to you.

Unless You Take Charge of Your Love Life by Acting, it will not improve. ACT NOW. The Sooner You Do, The Faster You Will See Results!

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Code of Ethics

Our books were compiled after many years of research in addition to many years of assisting singles and couple from around the world. The advices disseminated in any of our books are effective and work if used in the manner in which it was intended.

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