2014 Valentine’s Day Tip and Idea for Couples and Singles

2014 Valentine’s Day Idea

Valentine's Day Gift IdeaOn Valentine’s day 2014, give her the “WOW FACTOR”. How do you accomplish that? .  Traditionally, many men usually turn to one or two of the ideas. They buy her a box of chocolate, take her to a nice restaurant for dinner, or give her flowers. Some men do both; give her flowers along with a box of chocolate. For others, they give the woman flowers and a card or send both flowers and chocolate. While these gift ideas are okay, they can be boring. For 2014, consider this 2014 Valentine’s day idea.

Create a perfect Valentine’s Day

This year abandon old traditions and do something to sweep her off her feet? We have just the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for you. What is it? Well, people remember important occasions forever. The secret to sweeping her of her feet is to create a lasting memory that will make her remember you every time. Creating memories on Valentines Day has far more impact that the actual gift you give your significant other. That is how to create a perfect Valentines Day.

Drive Her Wild with Anticipation

This first step is drive her wild with anticipation so that you can get her to think about you every single minute for weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Tell her that you have an important surprise for her that will absolutely blow her away. This promise will keep her guessing what this important surprise is. Right there, you have taken control over her mind. That is part of the trick. While you go between her waiting for this meal and the kitchen, don’t tell her what you are making. Let her promise you that she will not come into the kitchen. She will be torn between wanting to watch you cook but not being allowed to. You can only imagine what will be going through her mind. But don’t keep her waiting long.  That is all part of the trick.

To speed up the cooking, I will pass some of my professional chef/relationship expert tips on to you. Precook your vegetables, get your sauce and dessert ready a day before or earlier that day.  When the time comes, all you have to do is cook the meat, reheat the vegetables in a little stock flavored with butter and make sure the dessert is ready in the fridge.

Create Valentine’s Day Memory

Women in relationships love to see their men cook for them. Create a Valentine’s Day memory by coming up with a dish and naming it after her. For example, in the olden days, it was not uncommon for a dish to be named after a very important person. Here are two example, Tournedo Rossini-which is meat dish made with beef tender loins- as well as Peach Betty which is dessert. In this case, the important person is your significant other or a love interest.  Tournedo is made from the very best cut of beef-what is call tender lion.

I am using Tournedo as an example. You can use your favourite recipe and modify it or better yet, just create one. For example, you may add Tiger prawns, lobster meat or even two shelled lobster claws forming a arch mounted on top of the beef and then name the dish after your sweet heart. For example, if her name is Alexander, you could name the dish Tornado Princess Alexander- and this will be a dish just for her.

To prove your eternal love and commitment to her, you will never reveal or share the recipe with anyone. Valentine's Day Romance TipsNot even when your life depends on it. If it is a dessert you wish to create and name after her, take for example Peach Betty. You could remove the peach and replace it with an apple. If your sweetheart’s name is Brandy, you name the dessert Apple Brandy. This is how you wow her by creating a dish and naming it after her. This is how you would create a Valentine ’s Day memory that she will remember forever.

When you have captured the true essence of Valentines Day by creating a dish and naming it after her, then you have created an unforgettable Valentine’s Day memory



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