How to Get Her to Stay

Meet a Need- Our research over the years has discovered that, the most POWRFUL way-  no matter how beautiful or stunning the woman looks and how less attractive or financially strained you feel- to get the woman of your dream is to meet a need.  Most women have some pressing need and so does the woman you want. The secret to winning the prize is to meet her pressing need and she is all yours. You know you have met her need when she thank you and proceed to say, “Tell me what you want and I will do it” We have discovered this same result in women from all cultures.

Further, once you meet her needs, she will conclude that you care about her and what is important to her. She will commit to you.

Another example: I interviewed a psychologist for our book about how she met her husband. According to her, when she was in university and dating, one of the men she met was an Engineering student. The engineering student found out about an important text book she needed. He purchased a copy of the book and surprised her with it.  According to her, she began to think about him and concluded that he is the right man for her. She stops dating the other guys and settle for the engineering student. They eventually got married and have three boys.


So take it from us. If you don’t want her to leave, meet a need.

There are further actions you can take to make her commit to you permanently.

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