About Us

How can I find my love?

This question is one of the forces that drives us to do what we do. We want you to find love.  The founder and creator of  Relationship Advice for Success (RAS) Ernest Quansah is dedicated to a cause—teaching singles how to find true love and couples how to breakup-proof their relationship and marriage.

He is a member of AuthorAndExpert.com: http://authorsandexperts.com/search_detail.php?recordid=1122. He has been a TV guest on KVMD TVhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKIU2haCSks&feature=plcpas well as a radio guest on Second Vision. http://www.youtube.com/user/vancouver41He has contributed relationship success articles to many websites, including Match.com, as well as for the top motivation company in Spain.

Why Did We Write Our Books?

The founder comes from a twice-divorced home and,after personally failing at many relationships himself, he became driven to discover what makes love relationships work and what makes them fail. As a proponent of love relationship success, he enrolled in one of Canada’s top universities—The University of British Columbia—in their counselling program.After completing his schooling, he then started his own counselling service, where he specializes in teaching dating, relationship and marriage success to clients worldwide. He authored two books on relationships: How to Identify Your Soulmate followed by Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships.

Why Did We Compile a Love Relationship Success Workbook and Match System?

Despite the high breakup and divorce rates, we wanted to know if people have given up on love or still believe in true love. We posted a survey online for which 100% of the respondents said that if they knew of an online program or books that would help them achieve a successful love relationship and marriage, they would TRY IT. Click here to see the survey.

That’s how we knew that people wanted more answers. Following extensive research as to the causes of love relationship breakdowns, and the solutions, we compiled our dating and relationship success workbook in addition to our personalized match system. As a result, we offer groundbreaking books and a workbook that deliver results.

So, what does this mean for you?

With our books and workbook, You Will Fall in Love—with Confidence and Assurance that this time your relationship will be a success. Don’t just ask yourself, “How can I find my love?” Take the first step, and then you will find love.

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