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Online Dating

Q. I am trying to find love and joined an online dating service. They provided me with a personality match. Do I still need your personalized match system?

A. If you want to find love, yes. According to some online dating operators, the success rate of their services is only 5 to 8%. Our personalized match system can help you find relationship success because it is thorough and detailed and includes how to know that the person you have found online is the right person for you. This is the real key to long-term relationship success, and we are the only ones with the know-how to offer this in our personalized match system. And, our system is designed for same race relationships, interracial relationships, soulmate match, etc.


Q. I love dating but I don’t know where to get dates or what to say. I need help.

A. Our book has an entire chapter dedicated to those who love dating by providing you with ideas on how and where you can get dates. It also gives ideas for what to say, such as how to deliver powerful compliments that will make the person you’re interested in select you over other potential dates.

Interracial Dating

Q. I am in an interracial dating relationship but our cultural differences are making it hard for us to move forward. What can I do? Help!

A. Interracial dating — for example, black women with white men — is becoming more common. Up to 30% of all dating relationships in North America are interracial. We have a chapter in Do’s and Don’ts of Relationshipsas well as in our workbook dedicated to helping people participating in interracial dating or relationships learn what to do to make the relationship flourish.

Single Parent Dating

Q. I am a single parent going back to dating. Where do I look and how do I start?

A. Dating for single parents can be especially worrisome and challenging. We offer solutions and tips in Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships.

Q. I am seeing a single mom whom I love dearly but her children don’t seem to accept me. What can I do to win their heart? Does your book have any advice?

A. Absolutely. Winning over a single mom is not just a matter of winning her but also requires other efforts as well. We have included the advice on how to win over single moms (and their kids!) in our book.

Personalized Match

Q. Will your Personalized Match System help me know if the man (or woman) I met online is the right one?

A. Our personalized match system is the only system out there that teaches you the secrets to receiving an assurance or confirmation that you have found your true love.

Soulmate Relationship

How to Identify Your SoulmateQ. I know I have a soulmate—I can sense it. I just don’t know where to look for the signs to help me know my soulmate. Will I learn it from your book How to Identify Your Soulmate?

A. Absolutely! How to Identify Your Soulmate has the answers to any pressing soulmate questions you may have.


Q. I am already dating, engaged, or married. Why do I need your workbook?

A. Breakups are on the rise, and divorce is now an epidemic. The workbook has sections for helping singles learn to understand and succeed in dating, engaged couples to learn how to prepare to make their marriage thrive, and married couples to learn how to make their marriage blossom and to put together a marriage success plan. We strongly recommend that it be used along with Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships for best results.Relationships

Q. Why do I need Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships if I prefer to use the workbook?

A. Our book has an enormous amount of information—more than 350 pages worth—and takes you from dating all the way to marriage success, including healing from abuse,putting together a success plan, devising an exit strategy in cases where divorce is unavoidable, and more. We also include what the common relationship killers and relationship builders are. We recommend it be used with our workbook or personalized match system for best results.

Q. I am confused and frustrated. What do men want from women and women want from men? I need help!

A. Many books, articles, and other resources point to sex as what men and women want. But our research discovered something else. And this secret can be found in Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships.

Toxic Relationship

Q. I used to be in a toxic relationship. Can Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships teach me how not to end up in another toxic relationship?
A. The chapter“How to Avoid Toxic Relationships” will answer your questions, help you to heal, and help you to build healthy relationships in the future.


Q. My relationship problems are very complex. I was in an abusive relationship and have not been able to heal from the pain. Can Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships help?
A.Yes—in this book you will learn how to heal from past pain as well as how to spot an abuser so you do not end up in another abusive relationship.

Conflict Resolution

Q. My love relationship has many conflicts, and neither of us knows the cause and how we can resolve them. Please help.

A. Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships discusses the effects of conflicts, how they are caused, and how couples can resolve their own conflicts without resorting to paying thousands of dollars in counseling.


Q. I am engaged to me married. Can your book and workbook offer me the advice I need to make my marriage work?                                       

A. Definitely! We put together the workbook after people who took part in our survey said that if they could find an online school or a hands-on, how-to book that would help make their marriage a success, that they would try it. Together, the workbook and Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships are two of the most powerful tools you can have to prevent your marriage from failing.

Q. I married someone I thought was the right one but now have come to regret it. I want out of the marriage. What is the best way to get out?

A. This problem is very common. In addition, our research has shown that some people over 30 marry for fear of never having a chance to do so, just to later end up divorced. Our book and workbook together will teach you why divorce occurs, the common factors leading to the divorce, and, when a marriage simply won’t work, how to get out of marriage as the winner.

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