How to Know if He or She is Your Mr. or Mrs. Right

Gentlemen, have you ever asked a woman for a date and had her reply, “But I don’t know you?”

Ladies, have you been asked for date and replied, “But I don’t know you?”

It is in the nature of most men and women to say this.  This response is a phenomenon generated subconsciously and intuitively. The reason is that the woman who responded; “But I don’t know you” wants to be sure that she is going to be dating the right man. Often when a date goes well it leads into a relationship, and many women tell us that they go into a relationship hoping it will lead into marriage. What is going on inside the woman is that her soul does not want her heart to be broken by dating or by entering into a relationship with the wrong person. Her soul wants her to make sure she is going to be dating the right man.   In need of  assurance, she may say, “But I don’t know you”.

To emphasize the importance of this to the three-step process to find true love successfully, did you know that in January of 2014 research conducted by Harris Interactive found that 77% of women were willing to research the men they had considering dating just so that they knew whether they were making a safe decision? On the other hand, 66% of men were also willing to research the women they met.

To attain successful love you need to:

Listen for KEY WORDS that will let you know that he or she is the right one

Next, get assurance that the two of you are meant for each other

Lastly, no relationship offers 100% of what both partners need to start with. Add what is missing and the love relationship will become complete.

What key words do you need to listen for?

How do you get assurance?

How do you figure out what you need to add to the love relationship to make it complete?

Find all that in our book Do’s and Don’ts of relationships: Nine Steps to a deeper, Richer Love relationship”


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