How to Get Him to Not Leave After Sex

Get inside his head:  A woman should never use sex to try to get a date to stay with her. Our research discovered that a man needs a good reason beside sex to stay with a woman. This means, it is the woman’s responsibility to figure what she needs to bring to the table to cause the man to stay and even commit to her. It is not as difficult as it sounds.  To get the man to commit, go into his head and find out what he wants. How do you do that? Use a high level technique often used by philosophers and think tanks called ‘quizzing’.  Here is how an example of how I use to assist a client find the right date.  Efa, an absolutely stunning Togolese woman informed me during session that that men are terrible; they leave after they get what they want and that she would never date again.

After inquiring, I asked two simple questions.

  1. What do you think makes you feel this way?  She replied, “I want to settle and have family but every time I meet a guy and he gets what he wants, he leaves”.
  2.  I asked, “What do you think you need to do to find the right man? She replied, “Give men a chance?

At that very moment, she smiled and her face lit up. Two weeks later when I called to check up on her, Efa was at a music festival with her date. This is an example of how powerful and effective quizzing is.

If you want a date that will not leave, once you find the right one, go inside his head by quizzing him.

Quizzing him will cause him to reveal what his need is. Once you know and by meeting that need, he is all yours.

There several ways to make him love you and commit to you. For details,   Please Go Here

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