About the Author

Ernest Quansah is over ten years experience as a love relationship expert. Coming from a twice divorced family and experiencing several breakups of his own including one common law marriage. These experiences lead him to pursue a career in the field of love relationships. He has a certificate in counselling from The University of British Columbia.

He has been a guest on AIRS-LA radio show, which is also broadcast on The Women’s Information Network. In addition, he has appeared on KVMD-TV Southern California Life.

He has Expert Author status on SelfGrowth.com, the Internet’s largest self improvement website and has contributed numerous articles to Ezine Articles as well as SelfGrowth.com.

He is the founder of ODRMS — Online Dating, Relationship and Marriage School — the Internet’s first school dedicated to helping men and women find true love and love relationship success.

He has authored two books:

How to Indentify Your Soulmate

Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships

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