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As the world and our environment are evolving, so are love, sexuality, relationships and marriages.

The old-fashioned way, when a man and a woman fall in love, and the man asks the girlfriend’s parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage, is now antiquated and outdated.

According to Ernest Quansah, relationships and marriages based on love or being in love no longer work.

At best, that allots couples no more than three years of togetherness followed by separation.

“Couples need to understand that, to make their love relationship work, they must look beyond love. They need to breakup-proof their relationships or divorce-proof their marriages,” says love relationship expert Ernest Quansah.

In his book Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships, Quansah explains that people go into love relationships hoping they have selected the right person who will meet their needs. Unfortunately, most find that they have chosen the wrong person and this leads to breakups. Quansah’s advice is simple:

  • First, before selecting someone and falling in love, it is absolutely essential that you seek confirmation that you have picked the right partner.
  • Second, meet a need. For example, what does the significant other want? If it is to be happy, assure him or her by saying, “I will make you happy.”
  • Third, people need an incentive to commit. Hook ‘em by offering an incentive they cannot refuse so they look forward to loving you forever.
    • Lastly, put together a well thought out success plan to help the relationship or marriage flourish.

If people follow these simple steps, they will breakup-proof their relationships and divorce-proof their marriage, says author Ernest Quansah.


Ernest Quansah is a relationship expert and founder of Adult Counselling. He is available for TV, radio and press interviews to educate your audience on how to make their love relationships flourish. Contact him direct at 1-604-616-8401 or send email to .

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