Show Proposal

Don’t fall in love. Get what you really want.

What is it that men love? Women? What do women love? Men. Then why have breakups and divorce become an epidemic? Find out why.

Many people go into love relationships because they want sex. Some people enter relationships because they like the other person. For others, it is because they have fallen in love.

Engaged couples become so excited about their big day that in the midst of so much joy, they cause their own divorce even before the wedding night.

Others marry hoping they have found the right person with whom they can find true love and happiness just to discover they have selected the wrong person.

Going into a love relationship for sex or marrying out of love is outdated, no longer works and will never work. If anything, it is the main cause of relationship breakups and divorce.

SOLUTION: The secret to lasting love relationships and marriage is simple. Go after what really you want. What is it that people in relationships really want? Security and stability, and to breakup-proof their relationships or divorce-proof their marriage.

As a guest on your show, I will teach your audience or viewer to:

  1. First, ensure that the love interest will give them what they want by seeking confirmation that the person they have selected is the right one for them.
  2. Next, they must find out what their partner’s needs are and fulfill them.
  3. Third, offer an incentive. People need a worthwhile incentive to commit to a long-term relationship or marriage.
  4. To seal their relationship or marriage from failing, couples must put together a success plan.

If your audiences learn these four simple tricks, they will experience true love and happiness at a level that most people only dream of.

# # #

Relationship success expert Ernest Quansah is available to contribute, inform and educate your viewers or listeners. He can be contacted at 1-604-616-8401 or by sending an email to .






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