Dating Relationship, Soulmate Relationship, Interracial Relationship, and Marriage Success Workbook for Singles, Dating Couples, and Engaged and Married Couples

Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships:

Nine Steps to a Deeper, Richer Love Relationship 2nd Edition

How to find a true love?

Are we addicted to breakups and divorce? Sometimes it sure feels like it.
What do you want in your love life? Success! What worries and concerns about dating or relationships or marriage do you have? What does your heart long for the most about dating or a love relationship, and are your needs being met? Your success in dating (including online dating), in a relationship,or in marriage—and your likelihood of finding true love—depends on knowing and taking these FIVE STEPS:

1. Knowing what you want or what your needs are

2. Discovering where, how,and with whom to find a relationship

3. Receiving assurance or confirmation that the person you are in a relationship with is your true love

4. Understanding what to do to break-up proof the love relationship in order to allow your wants or needs to be regularly and consistently met

5. And lastly, if you become engaged or are already married,knowing what to do to build a strong relationship and divorceproof your marriage in order to see your marital wants and needs met

How can you accomplish any or all of the above? We have the key to success and all the information you need. “If our groundbreaking relationship book, soulmate book, workbooks,and personalized match system are not able to help you eliminate your dating, relationship or marriage concerns and worries and help you attain what your heart desires—your wants and need met—no relationship book or system can. Let us teach you about how to find true love. . . ”Fall in Love Easily and Simply—and For Forever!

Love advice that works

Unless you understand what we are trying to teach you, you will have problems finding true love that lasts.

You may have fear of rejection, or be afraid of not knowing what words to use before or during a date. You may want to find your soulmate. You may be concerned about being alone and never finding true love and happiness. Maybe you are worried that you will never marry or that if you marry, you might end up divorced. You might be in a terrible relationship and not know what to do. Or, perhaps you just want to be loved and accepted for who you are. Imagine how having your relationship needs met will make you feel.

The love advice in our books and programs are designed to help singles succeed in dating, soulmates find each other, couples in love relationships make their relationship blossom, and engaged or married couples make their marriages flourish.

With us, falling in love is not wishful thinking. It is assured. And we are very good at helping people just like you make lasting relationship success a reality. And what’s more, our book Do’s and Don’ts of Relationships goes even further than that. It teaches you how to spot abusers, avoid or heal after a toxic relationship, master conflict resolution techniques,identify relationship builders and relationship killers, and much more.All you need to do to make your wishes, desires and dreams come true is let us use our skills and knowledge to HELP YOU!

Fall in love with confidence with our love advice!

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