Can a Book Really Show You Where to Find Love and How to Find It?

Have you ever wondered if a book can show you where to find love? The purpose of this article is to … [Read more...]

How do I get a second date?

 Second Date Have you ever gone on a date and ask, “How do I get a second date?” Getting a … [Read more...]

Courage to change

Courage to change is a true story I have extracted from my book "do's and dont's of … [Read more...]

Relationship Do’s and Don’ts

Relationships do’s and don’ts mean choices you make to attain immediate or long term dating, … [Read more...]

Where to find love- true love

Where to find love is one question I hear a lot. The reality is that you can find love anywhere. The … [Read more...]

How men think

How men think How men think is perhaps the most single asked question by women about men. Each … [Read more...]

How do I find love

How often have you asked yourself, “how do I find love?"  If you have, you are not alone. Each … [Read more...]

My way or the highway

My way or the highway is sure way to remain single because of your own doing and I have seen many … [Read more...]

Marriage demand – How soon is too soon?

When is it too soon to make marriage demand in a relationship? This is question many people, … [Read more...]

How Did Men Respinse to Our Survey?

 The survey responses by the men are in. We are taking some of your answers and posting them for … [Read more...]

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