Single Parent Dating Advice

What we are sharing with you is the most effective way to cause a single parent you love to be with to commit.

As a researcher, I often do a self-test before I share my findings. The secret is not to focus on the parent but on the child. This technique is so powerful that the result can be immediate.

Marie is a 5 feet 6 inches tall and athletically built and attractive in her late thirties.  In this case, I met her at a drug store where she worked on commission. I asked if she believed in friendship. I asked for her email address. At the first email I sent her, she responded by telling me that men and women can’t be friends and that she already knew that as a typical male, I was trying to bed her. I was not trying to bed her and neither did she know that I was doing research for a book.  Eventually, I learned that she was a single mother struggling financially.  During a visit, I noticed that for dinner, she fed her 8 year old son a few pieces of steamed broccoli and 2 strips of bacon. My heart sank. So sad. I began to make lunch in the evening and delivered it to them so that the son would have a decent lunch at school.


Not many days after, she called to say that her son wanted to watch cartoon DVD’s and asked if they could come watch them at my home because her’s is not working. Thirty minutes into the DVD, she asked if I could show her to the washroom, which is located across from my bedroom. On our way, she put her hand on my shoulders, redirected me to my bedroom and nudged me onto my bed.  I told her, “Be careful. Your son is in the other room. If he walks in here, it will not look good.”

I rolled out from under her and went to the living room.  She told me that I am a good catch although I was being a friend.


You can see that by meeting a need, Marie willingly offer me sex and told me that I am a good catch. In other words, she wanted a relationship.

I have tested this technique on more than 6 women from different cultures and the result were the same, “What do you want. I will do whatever you want”


I am speaking from research results and from personal experiences when I say that the most powerful way to get a woman and get her to stay is to meet a need.


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